Strategic Trauma & Abuse Recovery System (STARS ©)

TARSTTARSARS is a psychodynamic three phase model of healing using the four necessary components of the Contextual Model including:  a healing setting, rational explanation for problems being experienced along with specific method for resolving them, a safe, emotionally activated relationship with a counselor, and a structured procedure where a client can share a personal story and counselor can participate by supporting, validating and encouraging client’s process of grief leading to change.

 What is STARS?

STARS is a three progressive phase treatment: Phase 1 – Safety and Stabilization, Phase 2 – Reprocessing and Grieving, and Phase 3 – Reconnecting and Integrating. STARS focuses on the source of the problem rather than symptoms to bring healing to mental and emotional wounds from the inside out. 

 Why I use STARS

I use STARS because it works. I have personally resolved some of my own experiences using this method and found it to be helpful in providing clients a voice where they did not have one. This structured process in the form of writing provides a concrete framework around the client’s source issue and fills in the contextual information needed for client’s to regain identity and empowerment. This works especially well with client’s who have dissociated from the original trauma and identity has been fragmented within the brain.

 Integrating STARS and Brainspotting

While STARS is an intellectual process involving the left brain, Brainspotting is neuro-physiological toward regulating the central nervous system, which tends to manifest emotionally in the right brain. It’s all brain work. After reading STARS Phase 2 stages to process and grieve a client’s story, I invite client’s to use Brainspotting to identify residual somatic activation, process  and realign the brain/body trigger points on the issue emotionally.

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